Finighan Family Tree

First Generation

1. Christopher Finigan (b. 1816  Place not known.   (age in 1841 census given as 25)

 married Agnes HYATT b. 1816  St Philip Bristol  on  23 Sep 1832 at Bedminster (St. John's)

Agnes died on 2nd August 1845 at Bristol Infirmary of  (unreadable) aged 29 (Death certificate)  Place of residence at time of death Gloucester Lane, Old Market, Bristol.   

 They had the following children but may have had others between marriage (1832) and first known child born 1836

Baptismal records for Wesleyan Chapel,  Old Market Street Bristol shows a Baptism on 7 September 1834 for Agnes b. 4 September 1834,

daughter of Christopher and Agnes Finigan. Did this daughter die as an infant and a subsequent child, born 1842 was also named Agnes ? 

+ 1 M i Richard Hyatt Finagan  b. January  1836  Gloucestershire    Baptised 24 January 1836 at St Phillip & Jacob Church, Old Market, Bristol  (name includes mothers maiden name)
+ 2 M i Henry Finagan  b. 1838  Gloucestershire  (1841 Census)  
+ 3 M i Christopher Finagan  b. January 1840. Gloucestershire  Baptised 16 February 1840 at St Phillip & Jacob Church, Old Market, Bristol   Christopher died 14th January 1842 of  Scarlet Fever aged 23 months Residence Gloster Lane Bristol  (Death certificate)
+ 4 F i Agnes Finigan  b. 11 July 1842 St Phillip Jacob Bristol (Birth Certificate obtained)
+ 5 M i Christopher Finigan  b. 15 October 1844  1 Great Anne  Street Bristol  ( birth certificate)

 The 1841 sensus for St Philip shows

Christopher Finagon aged 25

Agnes aged 25 years

Richard aged 5 years

Henry aged 3 years

Christopher aged 1 years

Christopher and Agnes had another child in 1844 named Christopher, perhaps in memory of the Christopher who had died in 1842.

The 1851 census shows place of residence Little Ann Street Bristol.  

Christopher Finnigan aged 40, sons Richard aged 15,  Henry aged 13 and Christopher's  second wife Elizabeth.

Christopher born 1844  is not listed

Living with the family is an Elizabeth Britton aged 18, described as a daughter in law but more likely to be a step daughter, Elizabeth's daughter

  F Elizabeth Britton was born in 1833 in Bristol.

Agnes is listed as staying with the Hyatt family in the same area of Bristol as her parents and is described as a niece.

Avon Street Bristol 1851 Census

HYATT William 37 Cordwainer Bristol, St. Philip (brother of Agnes)

Isabella 44 Wotton under Edge

FINIGAN Agnes Niece 9  Scholar Bristol, St. Philip

1851 census for Gloster Lane Bristol shows

HYATT  ?????   65  Shoemaker  Bristol, St. Philip
          Agnes       67                      Bristol, St. Philip
 Zedikiah   son   26   Shoemaker Bristol, St. Philip

Are these Agnes Hyatts parents and brother ?

The 1871 Census for Newport shows Christopher Finigan, listed as aged 52 (???), a widower, occupation Basket Maker, living at 50 Merchant Street Newport as a servant in the household of Sabrina Naish  a widow aged 48 with 3 children, occupation Basket Maker. 


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