Finighan Family Tree

Fourth Generation

7. Edith Evelyn Finighan Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ).

Edith married John Sweeney.  John was born on 1 Apr 1910.   Edith died in November 1963

They had the following children:

+ 18 M i Brian John Sweeney  was born on 21 Jan 1948. Died 2007
+ 19 M ii Barry Sweeney  was born on 5 Dec 1949.
  20 F iii Kathleen Sweeney   was born on 18 Apr 1954. Died ?
+ 21 F iv Patricia Finighan  (adopted Sweeney)  was born on 12 Apr 1935. Died ?

9. Ira Albert Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ). (photo album)

The family emigrated to Australia. Ira died in 1975.

Ira married Annie Townend on 19 August 1939 at Brentford Middlesex

They had the following children:  (photo album)

F i Edna Finighan  was born in 26 April 1937
F ii Maureen Finighan  was born in 23 November 1944
  M iii Terence Finighan  was born 29 February 1952
M iv Brian Finighan  was born in 28 August 1940.

 10. Leslie Richard Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ) was born on 26 July1898 at 2 Crindau Terrace, Newport [photo album] 

Leslie died 23 March 1937

Leslie married Evelyn Amy Morgan

Evelyn died in 1977.

They had the following child:

  25 M i Clifford Leslie Finighan  was born 28 April 1923. He died on 12 May 1944. Whilst serving in the RAF on Lancaster bombers his plane was shot down over  Oostmalle in Belgium. He is buried in Schoonselhof  War Cemetery. [photo album] [photo album]

The raid in which they took part was on the railway yards at Hassalt in Belgium and
during this raid they were hit by cannon fire from a German night fighter and which
caused the Lancaster to explode. The wreckage fell over a wide area at Oostmalle
in Belgium. Wing Commander Goodman and his crew now rest in the Schoonselhof War Cemetery.

The crew consisted of: -

Wing Commander H R Goodman Royal Hellenic AFC RAF

Pilot Officer P D Vickers RAFVR  
Flight Sergeant G H Agar DFM RAFVR
Flight Sergeant R White RAFVR
Pilot Officer W L Vander-Dasson DFM RCAF
Sergeant C L Finighan RAFVR


11. Olive Alexandra Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ).

Olive married Joseph Watkins.

They had the following child:

+ 26 F i Rita Doreen Watkins. [photo album]

13. Reginald Morris Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ).

Reginald married Gwendoline Panting who was born 14 November 1911 died 3 April 1988

They had the following children:

  27 M i Malcom Finighan.
  28 M ii Alan Ernest Finighan was born 11 February 1939 died  4 August 1990.
+ 29 F iii Carol Finighan.

14. Sybil Violet Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ) was born in 1907.  [photo album]

The family emigrated to USA

Sybil died in New York in 1997

Sybil married Elijah Holley 5 April 1931. Elijah was born in 1902.  [photo album]

Elijah died in New York. 1998

They had the following children:

+ 30 F i Lenice May Holley  was born in 1935. [photo album]  Lenice died December 2008
  31 M ii Robert Michael Holley  was born 12 June 1944. Robert died 12 June 1977 aged 33. [photo album]

15. Vera May Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ) was born on 21 Mar 1898. She died on 19 Dec 1986.  (Vera was a singer and used to perform regularly in the Lyceum Theatre Newport) [photo album]

Vera married William Edwards. The marriage ended in divorce.

Vera married Rupert Pope. Rupert was born in 1907. He died on 19 Jun 1975. [photo album]

They had the following adopted child:

+ 32 F i Lauretta Pope  died on 28 Jan 1974.[photo album]

16. William George Finighan (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ) was born on 6 May 1896. He died on 18 Apr 1976.

The family emigrated to Australia

William married Mabel Victoria Shippard [photo album] [photo album] on 22 Aug 1925. Mabel was born on 25 Mar 1898. She died on 24 Apr 1981.

They had the following children:

+ 33 M i William Richard James Finighan  was born on 30 Oct 1927.
+ 34 F ii Lenice Laurette Finighan  was born on 7 Nov 1929.

17. Richard Victor Finighan  [photo album] [photo album] (Richard James , Christopher , Christopher ) was born on 25 Jul 1904 in Hewertson Street, Newport. [photo album]

Richard married Winifred Bateman [photo album] [photo album] on 1 Jul 1928. Winifred was born on 10 Jul 1904 in Newport. She died on 20 June 1995 in Newport. (see family in 1911)

They had the following children: [photo album]   [photo album] [photo album] [family group]  [photo album]

+ 35 M i Donald Richard Anthony Finighan  was born on 26 Apr 1929.
+ 36 F ii Vera Mary Finighan  was born on 10 Jul 1932. [photo album]
+ 37 F iii Barbara Winifred Finighan  was born on 8 Oct 1935.
+ 38 M iv David John Finighan  was born on 7 Feb 1937.
+ 39 M v Richard Victor Finighan  was born on 7 Feb 1937. 

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